An essential tool for all Honda motorcycle owners. Quickly view trouble codes without having to interpret blink patterns, view and log live engine data, reprogram the ECU flash memory, and much more.

Supported Adapters
1Uses D2XX driver.
2Uses OpenPort 2.0 driver.
3Uses CH341SER driver.

Latest Stable Release

Latest Dev Release

Note: Requires VC2015Redist

Features & Pricing

HondaECU licenses bind to a single computer. All license versions recieve free maintence and bug-fix updates.



  • Clear DTCs
  • Read Flash Memory1,2
  • Write Flash Memory
  • Read/Write EEPROM



  • Clear DTCs
  • Write Flash Memory

1 Only reading of Keihin based ECUs is supported at this time.
2 R8C based ECUs with a memory offset of 0x8000 can not be fully read via K-line.